Hartland Market, 18 Issues in 1994-1996

In 1994, 11 years after I began issuing my Hartland book, I invited book buyers to subscribe to a newsletter, Hartland Market. The newsletter created a collecting community combining horse collectors (mostly women) and horse-and-rider collectors (more men than women). It provided a focused marketplace for Hartland models, and featured reader participation: I published selected letters and articles from collectors (helping make some of them "famous"), and results of surveys I devised.

    The newsletter included Hartland company news--results of my monthly interviews. Since Hartland production had stopped a month before the newsletter began in December 1994, the newsletter kept collectors informed, and gave the Hartland company a way to reach them during a time of uncertainty.

    Hartland Market
also supplemented the book by disseminating new information from my ongoing research of older Hartland companies and models. The books were printed about three times per year. Because of the newsletter, readers received updates without the expense of buying newer books, once they already owned a 1991 or later book. Loose-leaf, three-hole punched, and indexed, Hartland Market was meant to be kept for reference, and the ads allowed readers to get in touch with each other directly, which is part of the essence of a community.

    I published 18 monthly issues of Hartland Market, 194 finely honed pages in all, some of them in color. It was 25% advertising, 75% editorial, and I wrote (or edited and keyed) most of it. Each month, I spent two or three weeks (full-time) preparing it. (The rest of the month, I revised or printed books or wrote magazine articles on Hartland.) The newsletter was non-profit. It ended because of a change in my circumstances that would have elicited the sympathy of subscribers, had I explained it. Then, from 1997 on, I've been engaged entirely in preparing Hartland books for publication!

     Below is a synopsis of the newsletter contents. Although "out of print" I can accommodate some requests for copies of Hartland Market. Note that all issues of Hartland Market are copyright registered at the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

hartland market in review


December 1994, pages 1-8:
• "Hartland Collectables Models at Auction December 5-18"
• "Steven Mfg. Moves; Its Hartland Division Adds Riders"
      (includes photos from  Steven Mfg.)
• "Dear Gail" (letters/questions Re: purple DaleEvans, dapple 11" QHs, pearl      white over colored plastic)
• "Sightings: Variations and Values" (overpriced models, etc.)
• "Special Run: Black Pinto Saddlebred 'CJ Kaleidoscope'" (illustrated)
• Display Ads from Paola Groeber's Hartland Collectables, Inc., and Cascade      Models 
• Classified Ads

January 1995, pages 9-16:
• "Steven Plans Taking Shape" (illustrates Lady Jewel and Jade)
• "Hartland Census [by Hartland Market] Begins in Jaunary 1995"
• "Hartland Collectables Sell Well" (three special runs by Paola Groeber)
• "Letter from the Editor (purposes, census, Steven Mfg., condition code
      proposal, etc.)
• "9" Tennessee Walkers: Two Mane Types" (illustrated)
• "1994 Special Run: 'Zest for Living'" (illustrated)
• "Palomino Large Western Champs: Several Types Found" (letter and
      photos from Sande Schneider and line drawings by the publisher)
• Display Ads from Deb Buckler and Cascade Models
• Classified Ads

February 1995, pages 17-28:
• "Hartlands Make Headlines" (in Spy, Equine Images, and Toy Collector)
• "Model Show Season Underway" (Madison, Wis., etc.)
• "Walnut Walkers Most Common: Census Report"
• "The Phantom Pieces" by Mike Jackson
• "Reader Survey" (of Hartland model preferences)
• "Model Equestrian" column: "Jackie, FDR, and Ruffian" (news and media
• "Palominos" (Large Champs vs. Breyer Western Horse, illustrated)
• Display Ads from Pam Young and Cascade Models
• Classified Ads

March 1995, pages 29-36:

• "Bev Taylor Buys Back Hartland Company"
• "Vintage Specials" (two black-and-silver special runs, illustrated)
• "Dear Gail" (letters from 12 readers on many topics)
• "Large Champ Census: Palominos and Blue Shirts Prevail"
• "Values of 1980s and 1990s Hartland Horses: Rearing Mustang"
• Classified Ads



April 1995, pages 37-46:
• "Steven Mfg. Cancels Back Orders, Offers Refunds and Exchanges"
• Nine short news items and notes
• "As Time Goes by: Hartland Clocks, Champs Impress" (with illustrations from      Nancy Young, Daphne Macpherson, and Denise Hauck)
• "11" Quarter Horses Revisited" (silver, pearl white, and buckskin)
• "Hartland Hats" by Mike Jackson (part 1)
• "Census Form: Small Champs Plus Four"
• "Hartlands on Hold" (the model horse industry and Hartland's place in it)
• Classified Ads (with suggested 1-10 condition rating scale defined)


May 1995, pages 47-56:
• "Hartland Characters, Real Heroes (Mounties; Dale Robertson, with letter         from Thea Ryan)
• Nine short articles, including Steven return policy, correction to Hartland
      Horses and
Riders (the book), and photo of Small Champ saddles
• "Judging for All-Hartland Photo Show"
• "Red Shirts, Black Horses Lead Small Champ Totals" (census report)
• "All Horses and Old Rider Sets Most Popular with Readers"
       (reader survey results)
• "Oval Crown Hats" by Mike Jackson
• "The Myth of the Green Shirt Cowboys"
• "Class List for Monthly All-Hartland Photo Show: 75 Classes Placed to Fourth-       300 Winning Models"
• Display Ad from Barri Mayse
• Classified Ads

June 1995, pages 57-65:

• "Steven Models Still Dormant Despite Best Intentions"
• "Shows and Shopping Highlight the Model Summer"
• "Hats with Teardrop-Shaped Crowns" by Mike Jackson
• "Census of Popular Riders Includes A Few Surprises: Roy Rogers and
      Lone Ranger Outnumber Their Partners"
• "Sticky Paint, Model Storage, and Care Tips: Avoid Heat"
• "Special Runs, Breathtaking Colors" (10 color photos)


July 1995, pages 67-76:
• "Fate of Hartland Line Still Undecided" (with photo from Steven Mfg.)
• "Hartland Made Harnessed Clydesdales/Clydesdales Copied"
      (illustrations include a photo from Sandy Tomezik)
• "Hartland Designed Eleven Horse Molds for Riders" and "Silhouettes of
• "Care of Models: Avoid Heat" (part 2)
• "Article on Hartlands [by Gail Fitch] to Appear in Toy Collector Magazine "
• "Showing Hartlands at Halter"
• "Good Turnout Impresses Hartland Photo Show Judges"
• "Napa [Calif.] Live Show Cancelled but Others Fill Calendar"
• Display Ad from Leslie Baldwin
• Classified Ads


August 1995, pages 77-86:
• "Alvar Backstrand and Roger Williams: Hartland Artists Designed
      Statuary from Photos" (additional interviews with Mr. Backstrand and
      Paul Champion; earlier interviews were published in Hartland Horses
      and Riders
since 1991); includes photos of them
• "Letter from the Editor" (Equine Center problem, toy stage coach, etc.)
• "Letters to Hartland Market" (five topics, including real horses and
      confusion caused by "customized" Hartland riders)
• "Riding High with Hartland" (long version of article by Gail Fitch in Toy
; includes information on the Hartland sports statues, too)
• "Hartlands: More Classy than Tacky" (BreyerFest heat and rare, sticky      finishes)
• Display Ad from Cascade Models
• Classified Ads

September 1995, pages 87-96:

• "Clydesdales Enhance Signs and Souvenirs" (includes photos by Sandy
      Bellavia and Peggy Collins)
• "Rare Model Stolen, Eager Collector Burned by Scam" (bad news from
      Shirley Ketchuck and Mike Jackson)
• "Hartlands in Roy Rogers Film"
• Ten short articles or letters (on shelving, football statues, show schedule,
      cleaning tips, etc.)
• "Unusual Finds: Cats on Bases" (reported by Sande Schneider)
• Classified Ads


October 1995, pages 97-106:
• "Seven Clay Equines Wait in the Wings at Hartland" (illustrated with
      photos by Kathleen Moody and Linda Lima)
• "'Bullet' Part of Western Sets"
• "Sale of Hartland Pending"
• Five short articles: phantom Roy Rogers, martingale design, Peter Stone
      fired from Breyer, etc.
• "Tinymite Dogs" (illustrated)
• "Hartland Isn't Just for Horses Anymore" [dogs] by Rick Van Etten
• "Farm Dogs" (illustrated)
• "Customizing A Hartland Rider and Gunfighter' by David Neideigh
• Classified Ads

November 1995, pages 107-116:

• "Time to Renew" and future plans (cover photo by Denise Hauck)
• Twelve short articles and letters (Steven status, Breyer article, earlier
      clubs, etc.)
• "Hartland Fact vs. Fiction: Choose Your Heroes Carefully"
• "Photo Show Ribbons Awarded…"
• Display Ads from Pam Stroud and TRR Pony Express
• Pre-Holiday Classified Ads (free listings)


Index to Volume 1 of Hartland Market

     (printed on blue paper and mailed with December 1995 issue as
pages 117-120)

• Index #1: Names of People in articles, bylines, photo credits and  advertisements
• Index #2: Articles Describing Hartland Statuary
• Index #3: Other Articles and Topics within Articles


December 1995, pages 121-126:
• "Hartland Nativity Scenes Set Tone for the Season" (includes photo by
      Mike Jackson)
• "Chubby Bridles Vary" (illustrated)
• "Steven Reconsidering Hartland Production for 1997"
• "Inventory of Hartland Statues Available Again"
• Short articles/letters from: Debbie Moore, Jamie Coughlin (models lost in
      hurricane), April Powell, and Earl Smith
• "Hartland Market's 1995 Photo Shows..." (eight stables judged by Katie
      Carter, Dana Bennett, Peggy Howard, Gail Fitch, and Traci Durrell-
      Khalife; selected results and High-Point Placings)
• Classified Ads (including nativity sets)


January 1996, pages 127-136:
• "Horses Available Yet at Steven Mfg."
• The Mule and Friesian, with photos by Steven Mfg.
• "High Prices Afflict Models, Media" (review of article in Horse Illustrated)
• "Attractive Special Runs Stir Up Excitement..." (1994-1995 models; reprint
      of chapter added to sixth edition of Hartland book in November 1995)
• "Good Effort Despite Problems" (Steven under new owners, 1992-1994)
• "1996 Horse Show Class List Emphasizes Hartland Colors" (50 classes
      placed to sixth)
• "Catalogs Provide Clues to Rare Rider Sets" (with table of catalogs, their
      estimated dates, and the riders in them)
• "Census" of some riders in four or fewer catalogs; Mountie photo
• Seven short articles mentioning: Linden Miller, Sue Hallwas, rare finds by
      Sandy Tomezik, and removing paint from 1990s Hartlands.

February 1996, pages 137-152:
• Letter and cover art from Hartland sculptor Alvar Backstrand
• "February Letter from the Editor" (article by Gail Fitch in Model Horse      
, keep humidifiers away from models, etc.)
• "Sixteenth Dog Found" (interview with Hartland's Paul Champion and     
       photos from Sande Schneider)
• "Collectors Describe Unusual Finds" (horses and westerns; letters     
      from Brian Blauch, Lorraine Mavrogeorge, Jan Kreischer)
• "The 800 Numbers" by George Jones (his theory on Hartland's
      numbering system)
• "Acetone Caution, Roy and Dale Video, Gunfighter Boxes" (letters from
      Maggi Jacques, Mike Jackson, etc.)
• Display ads from Cascade Models, Lillian Sutphin (11" Quarter Horses),
      Kerry & Judy's Toys (western auction); Classified Ads


March 1996, pages 153-168:
• "Horse Show Schedule Beckons Hobbyists"; photo of 7" Arabians
• "Details Clarify Irvin Auction Models"
• "Boxes Bring Back Memories" (letter) and news notes for March
• "Sgt. Preston Outnumbered by Sgt. O'Rourke, 5 to 1" (Mounties)
• "Census Summary for 1995"
• "Phone Scam Continues; Hartland Horse Rustler Still Uncaught"
• "Collecting Hartlands: A Storied Breed" (Gail Fitch's article on Hartland
      model horse history/artistry published in The Model Horse Gazette,
      March/April 1996)
• "The 800 Numbers" by George Jones (part 2)
• "Hartland Boxes Almost An Art Form..." (12 color photos by Jim Foley)
• Display Ads by T.S. Morgan, Jim Foley
• Classified Ad from Sue Rowe

April 1996, pages 169-178:
• "Different Patterns" (of black pinto Mustangs; photos by Jan Kreischer)
• "Article in White's Guide [by Gail Fitch] Tells Hartland Story"
• "Dogs A Nice Find" (letters from three collectors)
• "Some Collectors Rebel at High Prices on Rare Statues" (survey report)
• "Book vs. Newsletter" and other notes
• "Gazette Article Raises Issues" (letter from sculptor Alvar Backstrand,
      warnings on customized/falsified models, letters from readers)
• "Past Help and Present Hope" (Jan Kreischer aided Steven Mfg.)
• "Bio Worthwhile" (Roy Rogers biography on A & E cable TV)
• "Hartland's Role in Clydesdale Beer Signs Clarified" (added to Hartland
     book, sixth edition, in November 1995)
• "The Rebel Tops Auction of Hartland Westerns" (Irvin auction report)
• "Remade Statue Captures Character of Old Southwest" by David Neideigh
• "Clay Horses Missing, Models Available, No Plans Yet" (Steven news)
• Display Ad from Rebecca Hileman

May 1996, pages 179-190:
• "Hartland Market To Conclude with May Issue"
• Short articles: no plans at Steven, additions and corrections, etc.
• "Readers Praise Hartland Statues" and other letters from seven readers
• "Colors of Hartland Mounts"
• "The 'Solution" by Mike Jackson (bleaching solution)
• "Western Patterns Emerge" by George Jones
• "Numerous Collectibles Guides Include Hartlands" (review of the brief
      mention of Hartland statuary in collectibles price guides)
• "Western Notes" from Mike Jackson
• Hartland Five-Gaiter copied as a purple toy (illustrated)
• "Hartland Statue Variations Are Best Seen In Color" (12 color photos)
• Display Ad from Kerry & Judy's Toys (western auction #2); Classified Ads


Index to Volume 2 of Hartland Market
printed on blue paper,
pages 191-194.

• Index #1: Names of People
• Index #2: Articles describing specific Hartland statuary
• Index #3: General Articles (not describing specific statues)

Note: The Vol. 2 Index was not sent to subscribers, but could be purchased afterwards. THE VOLUME 2 INDEX MAY BE PURCHASED FOR $1.00 POSTPAID.

Perhaps, at a later time, these 18 old issues of Hartland Market will be reprinted. In the meantime, I've been doing a new newsletter. See the catalog on the front page of this web site, and the order form.
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