Since 2001, I've sold some exciting things on commission:

• Never-opened, 1960s Hartland rider sets from a 1960s owner of Hartland
• Near-mint Hartland western sets that were a woman's favorite childhood toys
• Never-seen-before Hartland horses from the 1960s and MIB rider sets that a young man inherited
• Rare Hartland lamps of Roy Rogers and The Lone Ranger
• Hartland religious statues from a family that had a store decades ago
• Over 50 Hartland models from the estate of a noted horse collector, Shirley Ketchuck

It was fun finding new homes for these models, and both the new owners and the original owners were delighted with the results. I can take on some commission sales, but with the economy in a slump, it may be best to hold onto your models for a while. With prices down, it's a good time for new Hartland enthusiasts to begin their collections, and long-time admirers to fill in some gaps.

In addition to commission sales, since 2001, this web site has helped collectors sell their own models, themselves, at no charge for items priced under $100. We helped Charlene Marshall sell her Hartland collection. We've included the sales lists of Paola Groeber (Hartland Collectables, Inc.), Cindy McHugh, and Sheryl Leisure (test color models painted for Hartland Collectibles, L.L.C.)

Check the current listings of Hartland western and horse models wanted and for sale by numerous individuals. Several people who repair or customize Hartland models are listed, too.

Mustang SaleMustang Sale

Dark chestnut --cherry woodcut -- Mustangs, 9" series, 1960s.
Together for 40 Years ...
I don't want to split up this mint pair of Hartland Mustangs...They apparently spent the last 40 years together.
Price: $85 postpaid by check or Paypal. Only $75 if you send a money order.
However, will sell ONE for $40 plus shipping!--2-25-07
January 5, 2005; revised May 22, 2006 and February 25, 2007


This Pair Sold May 28, 2009
They will decorate a corporate lobby!
Thank you!