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For Sale by Liz Strauss

Dear Gail, 
Thanks so much for posting individuals' Hartland sales items there. My web site, for my complete list of models (and horse books) for sale, is:
Thank you!
Liz Strauss

March 2015 Hartland Sales List

Old original Hartland 9" series brown/yellow saddle for Wyatt Earp. Vvg condition. Few small rubs on high spots. $18

Hartland 7" Quarter Horse Mare in unpainted tan styrene plastic, right eartip is broken. These were made 1966-1969 only. $5

Hartland 7" Appaloosa Mare, glossy gray semi-blanket leopard color. Dark color! Vvg condition. Has ear edge rubs, a rub on her right nostril, a pinhead-sized rub on her right front fetlock, and what looks like a fingerprint in the gloss on her left shoulder where the gloss isn't as shiny. Sounds worse than she looks. $15

Hartland 7" Arab mare in shaded bay with blaze and white stockings, vg+ condition except for has a couple of melted(?) spots on off side, on lower barrel and on stifle. Not too noticeable unless looking from underneath. $6

Hartland 9" Standing/Walking Horse in bay with roached mane- these were used as rider horses for the Jockey. Has lots of little scuffies on the body, but no chips or cracks. Has original black lanyard reins, but they seem a little shorter than they should be. $15

Hartland 9" Full Rearing Horse in Palomino. This was Annie Oakley's horse, and Roy Rogers' final horse. Has original lanyard reins. Light scuffs on high points on right side, hairline crack in tail (near body) on right side. Yellowed. $25

Hartland 9" 5-Gaiter in Alabaster, vvg condition. 1960s era model. Still nice and white. $55

Hartland 9" Arabian Stallion in white with very dark gray points, vvg-excellent condition. These have a semigloss finish, black eyes and nostrils. Hoof edge rubs, tiny rub at tip of forelock, teensy rubs on back edge of tail. $65

Hartland Collectables #461 9" Thoroughbred in semigloss sandy bay or buckskin, mint condition except for teensy rub on back of right hind leg above hock. If the lights catches it just right you can see some flaws in the finish (fingerprints?) where it isn't as semi-glossy as the rest of the paint. Made 1988-90. $35

Hartland Collectables 1989 Special Run 9" Thoroughbred in glossy light dapple gray. Styrene plastic. Excellent condition except has some faint bubble wrap marks in his gloss on his right side. I bought him from another collector in 1992, and he has never been sticky since I've owned him. The glue on his face and chest seam looks slightly yellowed in some light. Signed on his belly by Paola Groeber, and dated 7/89. 50 of these were made. $70

Hartland Collectables 1993 manual, folds out to 14 narrow pages, with large and beautiful color photos of the current line. $3

Hartland Collectibles 2001 announcements and sales list, 4 large pages in glossy full color. Invitation to join the Hartland Collector's Club, new in package Steven warehouse models for sale (so cheap!!), Horse-Power Graphics Jamboree special run models for sale. Has one ink scribble on the front cover, but it's off on the edge. $2

SOLD -- Oddball critter- this is the 9" Hartland Chubby model (or possibly a Hong Kong copy of the Chubby?), very nicely flocked to a nifty chestnut pinto pattern. Excellent smooth quality flocking job, similar to those done by Mel Reigsecker. I purchased this from a fellow collector in 1994. The only marking on him is a "B" written in magic marker on the underside of one hoof. The Reigsecker family flocked many Breyer models on their own, and were contracted by Breyer to flock its limited line of flocked models (Misty, Stormy, Running Mare, Smoky as Unicorn, Proud Arab Stallion, Palomino Running Mare, Clydesdale Mare, etc.) This model is 8 1/2" at the eartips. The eyes and hooves are hand-painted, but the rest of the horse is completely flocked, and the flocking remains in excellent condition. Has been packed away all these years, and not sitting out on a shelf to get dusty. $60

Wisconsin Collector Has Breyers and Peter Stone Horses For Sale

"Gold Coast," a customized Hartland Saddlebred, sold for$40.
For other customized models by artist Peggy Guinan, email:

Completed Sales

Norma DeLany's sale of Bonnie Meyer's Hartland horses was finished in November 2010.
Cookie Pritchard's Sale of Hartland Rider Sets and parts was done in March 2010.
This page also helped sell models offered by: Shannon Rogers, Julie Ostler, Donna Arteaga,
Christina ("purple rain"), Diana Montgomery, Janet in Michigan, and Jeanne G.