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Many revisions in 2007-2011.
Models sold between Summer 2010 and Sept. 2011
were deleted Sept. 27, 2011;
more were deleted in Oct. - Dec. 2011; and on
Jan. 9, and April 13 and 22, and July 21, 2012.

Shipping is in addition to the price.

Sale of Paola-Era Hartland Horses in October and November 2011 is Completed Nov. 29

Thanks to all who made offers on models in this collection, which I sold on commission. It was so successful that only a few were not sold outright by Monday, October 31. The sale was completed on November 29, and the photos were deleted on January 9, 2012.

Also, the Black Horse Ranch reisin Arabian Mare in rose grey was sold in October 2011.

Sold in Summer 2012 were a Hartland 7" series all-white Arabian mare and foal for $17, and all-yellow 5" series Thoroughbred grazing mare and nursing foal for $8. Their photos were deleted July 21, 2012.

Horses For Sale, Not Pictured

Horse Country Collectibles palomino QH,
trotting, M.I.B. $60

Made in China or Hong Kong:

Wood look Grazing Horse, greenish color, plastic or ??,
about 4" high at withers- $5

Wood look Rearing Horse, brown, about 6" high,
same series as Grazing Horse - $9


 black robe, 1960s era, excellent -- $10

                                                               Breyer Donkey For Sale

Breyer Donkey -- solid gray all over except the eyes, believed to be a color from 1974. (Dark areas in mane are shadows.) Suggested uses: nativity scenes, mining dioramas, table decoration / mascot for Democratic fund raiser. 6 inches tall, 7 3/4 inches long.

The "Battleship Gray" color is valued at $69 in Felicia Browell's 2004 Breyer book
Condition: Absolute mint. Won a ribbon in the Breyer Other Animals class at a live show 1-13-07. My price: $45 plus $6 shipping.












Ertl Horses For Sale

Mini-sized Ertl horses!
Adults are about three inches high. Ertls are heavy-weight plastic, like rubber, but much nicer. Light areas are reflection. They are discontinued and hard to find.

Ertl white Arabian (fine condition) -- $3.00  [Added to page 10-18-06.]
The Appaloosas pictured above are sold.


Ertl bay Morgan (left) , one fine white line, $3.00   Standing chestnut adult QH (left), new                                                                                                   condition -- $3.00. (The foal was sold.)

Below is a letter of thanks after the successful sale I conducted in 2003 of Hartland rider sets and a standing gunfighter. This seller mailed the models to me, and I took care of everything after that.

 Hartland Plastics Religious Statues:

I believe all of my doubles on Hartland religious statues are now sold as of April 13, 2012.

Introduction to Hartland's Religious Statues
Hartland's religious statues were discontinued more than 40 years ago, according to Hartland Horses and Dogs, by Gail Fitch from Schiffer Publishing (2000). Hartland’s religious articles were made in the U.S.A. with quality materials and workmanship. The artistry was superb. The company sculptor won awards from the National Sculpture Society. They are suited for decorative or devotional purposes. Give a quality gift from Christmas (or Easter) Past!

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