1. Wanted: Hartland Horses
2. Wanted: Hartland Horse & Rider Items
3. For Sale: Hartland Models and More
4. Services Relevant to Hartland
5. Wanted: Other Things

What are you looking for? In summer of 2001, a collector mentioned
wanting a Hartland farm donkey in certain colors. A few weeks later,
I found one at a flea market. You never know!

It's free to list here. Send listings to:

Classified Hartland Marketplace began November 9, 2001

Latest changes: March 2015. Additions made August 5, 2017

1. Wanted: Hartland Horses

● Hartland Polo Ponies, 10” series Nylint horses, and Hartland Tinymites.
Dianne Teachworth,

● Hartland woodcut family series three-gaiter foal, black or tan; does not have to be mint; rubs, scratches, and split seams are okay. Sharon Elosser,

● A Hartland palomino rearing Mustang.

● Hartland Lady Jewel bodies. (Do not need Jade, the foal.) Teddie Ann Rielly,

● Hartland Mustangs: odd ones,tests, limited run; recent or older, etc., wanted. Fair condition acceptable. Please email me for a good new home for them. Thanks, Donna Anderson, Las Vegas, NV;

● Tinymite Sorrel Arab with head turned, Woodcut Arabians, and a lot of the 5" and 7" Arabs wanted. Laurie Croddy,

● Hartland 11" series Quarter Horses, Arabians, and ASBs; 9" series Polo Ponies, rearing Mustangs, rider series rearing and semi-rearing horses, and others wanted. Trish,

● Hartland 7” series Quarter Horse family wanted in 1980s test color leopard Appaloosa (styrene), Paola #212HW, Christmas 1986, 20 sets made. Laurel

● Hartland 7” series, 1960s Appaloosa foal or the whole three-piece family wanted.

● Appaloosa patterns on 11” series Quarter Horse mold (except buckskin app) wanted.

● FOUND: Janet O. bought the woodcut Tennessee Walker foal she wanted. She found it at BreyerFest 2017! July & August 2017.

● A reader wants the 7" Arabian Mare in Bay. Contact me (Gail) at, and I will let her know. August 2017.


2. Wanted: Hartland Horse & Rider Items

● Wanted: Tonto's saddle; and saddle, pistols, and hat for Paladin. Ron Donnelly, August 3, 2014.

● I am very interested in buying (1) Mackenzie rider (2) black rearing horse with brown martingale (3) black semi-rearing horse with broen martingale. Charles,

● Davy Crockett, Gil Favor, and Sgt. Preston wanted. David Schafer

● I am looking for any of the Hartland Large (12” when mounted) horse-and-rider Cowboy or Cowgirl sets. I don’t have any of them.; phone: (563) 332-8824 (9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Central Time)

● Tonto on semi-rearing pinto wanted. Jay,

● Small Champ Cowgirl & Large Champ horses & riders wanted, Buzz,;

● Silk flag for Hartland George Washington, Penny,


3. For Sale: Hartland Models and More

● Pam Pramuka sells vintage model horses of all kinds.
See . You'll love the slogan on her home page.

● Original Lone Ranger and reaing horse set and Tonto set. Both complete with hang tags, boxes, and all parts. Mint condition. Joe Genchi,   

● Paola Groeber may have some unusual Hartland horses (no riders) for sale in the near future:

● For Sale - Hartland Religious statues that had been stored in boxes since the 1950s. (A few are from the late 1940s.) They are in mint condition, and for sale on eBay by Raining_Roses, which sells many types of religious articles in addition to Hartland statues.


4. Services Relevant to Hartland

● Hartland Repair Services: 20 years experience. I don’t use scavenged parts or repro parts; I usually re-sculpt any parts I need. Phillip Scott, 40 Lesters Chapel Rd., Jackson, TN 38301;; (731) 423-2591.

● Hand-carved wooden replicas of Hartland knives, swords, rifles, pistols, Tonto's feather, and various other Indian accessories by Stan Wilson. Sold only on eBay, I.D. is "werknwood."

● Barb Ambuhl, who does Hartland and model horse repairs, has a new email:


5. Other Things Wanted

● A Breyer Florentine or Copenhangen Mustang (the semi-rearing mold with three feet touching the ground). Tammy, August 22, 2008

● Wanted: 1963 Hartland Bat Boy, Rich, Spring 2007 issue

● Relatives of Phil Deslaurier and Roy Fosdick, please contact me. These gentlemen served in the United States Navy, in England, in World War II. Thank you. Gail Fitch,


Do you have a Hartland or horse collecting dream or two?